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The machine will automatic reset after power on the device.

Number constantly will be showed on the digital display.

Waiting the players insert coins to start the game.

The highest score will be show on the left digital pipe.

Basketball Arcade Single mode:

You have 5s to be ready to play the game. If you shoot the balls within this 5s will NOT count the scores.

Basketball Arcade Multiplayer mode:

insert coin to wait another player to go into the game together within 10s. You will have 5s to be ready to play the game within this 10s.

The most can 32 pieces game machines can play together

Total have 9 levels, you can set the times and scores of each level.

Factory setting will be total 4 levels, 50s per level, the first level need 40 scores, the second level need 150 scores, the third level need 250 scores and the fourth level need 400 scores.

After start the game, the left digital tube will show you the scores you need to pass, if you win the game the machine will have Voice announcement.

If the player win all the levels will be one more free game for you to play as prize.

When game over, the digital tube will show how many pieces tickets of the player have win.After 2s, it will disappear and show “INSERT COINS” again


91 Inches Long x 40 Inches Wide x 98 Inches High