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These high quality rackets have 5-ply blades and are ideal for any player and feature pips-in rubberPerfect for beginners the 1 mm sponge allows for increased control Featuring a Straight handle design for flexibility which allows for easy adjustments for a secure grip on the blade. HOW IT STACKS UP (1-10): Speed: 7, Spin: 6, Control: 5 Essential Bronze 675 comprises of a 5-ply composite wood blade preassembled with a 1MM sponge and rubber. The smooth rubber surface and straight handle allow for maximum speed and is great for players with good control. This is a great choice for those looking to improve their table tennis skills.

New to JOOLA, the JOOLA Essentials Series is a line of budget-friendly table tennis products for beginners, because learning the basics shouldn't be expensive. We are committed to creating quality products for all players, at any level, with the hope that they develop the same passion for table tennis.