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Cutting edge design with a matte finish and an LDC technology shaft make these cues not only highly functional weapons but also stunning instruments to behold. Engineered with performance in mind these cues feature a sport grip for a confident no-slip grip. The sport grip with extra-long grip zone and ergonomic pattern provides incredible traction and vibration absorption allowing for superior ball control. The joint is a precision 5/16 x 18T with stainless steel collars. The LDC (Low-Density Core) technology shaft is made from Canadian Hard Rock White Maple and utilizes a lower density material in the center of the front end of the shaft to dramatically reducing the mass of the shaft. This reduces cue ball deflection and improves accuracy. The XTC ferrule made with a lightweight UV stabilized thermoplastic material provides a soft, vibration-absorbing hit. This deadly combination lightens the front end and makes this a devastating weapon. Z series also features a layered leather tip for maximum ball control and unequalled consistency. Fitted with the Hex weight balancing system which allows you to tune your cue for your perfect stroke. When you are up against a tough opponent this cue is hands down the best value for your dollar and is sure to impress your allies and lay waste to your adversaries